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Mention some of the specialized grinding and crushing methods.

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MASS TRANSFER - EXAMPLE 4.1 : A concentric, counter-current heat exchanger is used to cool lubricating oil. Water is used as the coolant. The mass flow rate of oil into the heat exchanger is 0.1 kg / s = FO. For oil, the inlet temperature TIO = 100 degree Celsius and the outlet temperature TOO = 55 degree Celsius. For water, the inlet temperature TIW = 35 degree Celsius and the outlet temperature TOW = 42 degree Celsius. What is the mass flow rate of water in kg / s, FW needed to maintain these operating conditions? Constant for heat capacity of oil is CO = 2131 J /(kg K) and for water is CW = 4178 J /(kg K). Use the equation (FO)(CO)(TIO ?TOO) = (FW)(CW)(TOW ?TIW).

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What is the working of vaccum distilation coloumn in a petroleum refinary?

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Question 62 – The names of the flow streams could be represented by : H1 for first hot stream, H2 for second hot stream, C1 for first cold stream, C2 for second cold stream. Data of supply temperature Ts in degree Celsius : 150 for H1, 170 for H2, 30 for C1, 30 for C2. Data of target temperature Tt in degree Celsius : 50 for H1, 169 for H2, 150 for C1, 40 for C2. Data of heat capacity Cp in kW / degree Celsius : 3 for H1, 360 for H2, 3 for C1, 30 for C2. (a) Find the enthalpy changes, dH for all streams of flow H1, H2, C1 and C2 in the unit of kW. Take note of the formula dH = (Cp) (Tt - Ts). (b) Match the hot streams H1 and H2 with the suitable cold streams C1 and C2 to achieve the maximum energy efficiency.

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Why is steam added into the cracker in thermal cracking?

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Explain what are the assumptions made on conservation equation?

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QUANTUM COMPUTING - EXAMPLE 32.4 : A system of linear congruences consists of 3 equations : X ≡ 1 (mod 2), X ≡ 3 (mod 3), X ≡ 4 (mod 5). X has positive values. (a)(i) List the values of these equations from 1 to approximately 40. (ii) Find the first smallest value and second smallest value of X. (iii) Guess the third smallest value of X. (b) Let X ≡ Aa (mod Ma), X ≡ Ab (mod Mb), X ≡ Ac (mod Mc). According to Chinese remainder theorem, X ≡ (Aa x Ya x Md + Ab x Yb x Me + Ac x Yc x Mf) [ mod (Ma x Mb x Mc) ]. (i) Show that Ma, Mb and Mc have the greatest common divisor of Ma x Mb x Mc. (ii) Find the values of Md, Me and Mf if Md = Mb x Mc, Me = Ma x Mc and Mf = Ma x Mb. (iii) Find the values of Ya, Yb and Yc if Ya = Remainder of (Md / Ma), Yb = Remainder of (Me / Mb) and Yc = Remainder of (Mf / Mc). (iv) Use Chinese remainder theorem to find X.

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ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 34.5 : In an American style option for share market, 2 persons - A and B agree to the following : B is required to sell 100 shares of IBMS to A for $85 per share anytime that A wants in the next 8 months. A will pay B $2 per share up front, non-refundable for this option. IBMS involves in petrochemical processing. IBMS stock is currently selling for $80 per share. (a) If A did not buy the share of IBMS from B after 8 months, how much will B earn? (b) If the share of IBMS goes up to $100 / share in 6 months later : (i) how much should A pay B for 100 shares according to their optional agreement? (ii) how much will A earn from 100 shares purchased from B when all the 100 shares are sold to the open market? (iii) how much net profit will A earn for selling 100 shares to the open market?

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What is cathodic protection, how it works in Turbine condensers ?

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Name some common causes of control valve noise?

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What type of flow measurement devices is best for slurries?

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QUANTUM CHEMISTRY AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 31.10 : There are 6 spin orbitals in p subshell in a ground state carbon atom. Only 2 electrons fill the p subshell. Number of different ways for n electrons to occupy the k spin orbitals are k! / [ (n!) (k-n)! ]. Find the number of different configurations of electrons to occupy the p subshell in a carbon atom.

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repected sir i have given gate exam today.......... if i ll get the better rank in that ....what is the next process .....shall i give another one test......or wat....i dint get properlly..... plz help me or mail me on

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