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IES Interview Questions
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what are the CAD software versions you have used?

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General Knowledge & Current Affairs Questions and Answers - Set 1

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Who organized the East India Association in London to mobilize public opinion for Indian welfare? (a) Justice Ranade (b) Dadabhai Naoroji (c) Surendranath Banerjee (d) Anandamohan Bose

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The Parliament of India consists of (A) The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (B) The President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (C) The Lok Sabha, Prime Minister and Speaker (D) None of these

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The council of Ministers is responsible to the: (a) President (b) Lok Sabha (c) Vice-President (d) Supreme Court

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Which of the following hills is the southern most hill range in India? 1 The Nilgiri Hills 2 The Annamalai Hills 3 The Nallamalai Hills 4 The Cardamom Hills

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ORA-28541: Error in HS init file on line number.

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. Which industry gives maximum employment? (1) Cotton (2) Steel and iron (3) Sugar (4) Tea

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plz send me the UPSC- engineering service exam question papers

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which one of the following nutrients is not a structural components of the plant

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Hoe to calculate body earthing conductor size ?

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can any chemical engineer become IES

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if the supply voltage increased by N times, the x-section of conductor will be.........

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which type of question are putup in IES exam?


1.where in India the maximum transmission voltage is operated? 2.what the methods are used to cool down the transformer?give the specific ratings of the transformer & specific cooling process. zero & negative sequence reactances are formed in a rotating machine when fault occur in the system?

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