What is difference between combin footing & rapt footing

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What is the ratio of cement ,sand, and aggregate to be used in M20 grade of concrete when excavating 200 x 200 x 200 mm of sand from soil

4 Answers  

what is the difference between rcc pipe (pressure or non- pressure)and rcc hume pipe?

1 Answers  

List out the densities of different construction materials such as brick, steel, sand, aggregate etc...

18 Answers   Happy Homes, Sand,

M20 Grade ratio? M30 Grade ratio? M40 Grade ratio ?

30 Answers   L&T, intex, Keystone, Engineers India, AB Group, Aparna Enterprises, CECL, Jain Group, Multi Engineering, National, Shrinath Buildcon,

what is the difference b/w full length and cutting length?

0 Answers   Simplex, L&T,

What is the cement content for 1m3 of M20,M25 concrete?

6 Answers   Omaxe, Aishwarya Group, TI Construction,

what is the weight of 8mm dia steel with 1 meter length. Is there any formula to calculate the weight for any given diameter

48 Answers   TNS, L&T, SODI, Shell, D M Systems, OL, PWD, Spyro Engineers, SMB, Welspun, Benny Industries, MYC Infra,

what is the defination of an ideal fluid?

3 Answers   NTPC,

I am a new valuaer. I am seeking for instruments which r used to locate the site and from where I got it?

1 Answers   Fast,

Which stone is best for wall construction Laterite Stone or Cement Blocks

0 Answers  

What is a BBS?Find out the cutting length for a 300*300 column with 40 mm cover?

21 Answers   L&T, SSC,

How to decide the Lap Length in Steel Reinforcement

7 Answers   Jubilant,

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