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BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 14.3 : The kinetic behavior of an enzyme could be described using Michalis - Menten equation : Vo = Vmax [S] / (Km + [S]). Derive this equation from [ES] = [E]total [S] / (Km + [S]), Vmax = Kcat [E]total, Vo = Kcat [ES].

BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 14.3 : The kinetic behavior of an enzyme could be described using M..

Answer / kangchuentat

BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING - ANSWER 14.3 : Vo = Kcat [ES] = Kcat [E]total [S] / (Km + [S]) where [ES] = [E]total [S] / (Km + [S]). When Vmax = Kcat [E]total, Vo = Kcat [E]total [S] / (Km + [S]) = Vmax [S] /(Km + [S]) (Derived). The answer is given by Kang Chuen Tat; PO Box 6263, Dandenong, Victoria VIC 3175, Australia; SMS +61405421706;;

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CHEMICAL MATERIAL BALANCE – EXAMPLE 2.6 : According to Raoult's law for ideal liquid, x (PSAT) = yP where x is mole fraction of component in liquid, y is mole fraction of component in vapor, P is overall pressure and PSAT is saturation pressure. A liquid with 60 mole % component 1 and 40 mole % component 2 is flashed to 1210 kPa. The saturation pressure for component 1 is ln (PSAT) = 15 - 3010 / (T + 250) and for component 2 is ln (PSAT) = 14 - 2700 / (T + 205) where PSAT is in kPa and T is in degree Celsius. By assuming the liquid is ideal, calculate (a) the fraction of the effluent that is liquid; (b) the compositions of the liquid and vapor phases. The outlet T is 150 degree Celsius.

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which type of packing gives large interfacial area stacked or random?

2 Answers   NPCIL,

X is a solid having a white colour at room temperature. It has a density about 2g/cc. Although it has melting point near 325 degree Celsius, its properties start degrading above 260 degree Celsius. The coefficient of friction is very low about 0.1. It has very good dielectric properties especially at higher radio frequencies. It has a very high bulk resistivity. It is chemically inert. It is also resistant to van der Waals force. It is hydrophobic as well as lipophobic. Creep or ‘Cold Flow’ has been observed in X.

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Your favourite area of interest

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Define viscosity?

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how did you spend today

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What is a barometric condenser?

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who is your present and most resent employer?

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What are some common problems associated with dilute phase pneumatic conveying?

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Is there a handy way to determine if a horizontal pipe is running full if the flow rate is known?

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what is Vx-EHT(RED) complex chemical compound.

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Can you pls tell me how to calculate the amphere rating of cable in case of three phase supply but all load is single phase

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