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How is a GDG base created?

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How is a GDG base created?..

Answer / guest

A GDG base is created in the system catalog and keeps track
of the generation numbers used for datasets in the group.
IDCAMS utility is used to define the GDG base.

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How is a GDG base created?..

Answer / sravanthi

We can also create a GDG base in test using File Aid option
M.F;3.2 Create GDG base option is there

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How is a GDG base created?..

Answer / prashanthkodakani

above answer is correct this can be done by using
IDCAMS= 'intgrated data cluster access method service'
utility program.

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How is a GDG base created?..

Answer / dhans

GDG base is created using any one of the below method.
Using IDCAMS utility
Using FileAID or File manager
Using ISPF option, 3.2

Refer the following link for more details.

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How is a GDG base created?..

Answer / naresh

we can also create in fm, 3.4

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