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Polaris Interview Questions
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what is wrun.ini file..what it consists?

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what is test objective?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using inline and const?

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Give me a sample test case for an online purchasing system?What testings u do for the same ?

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explain the concept of inheritance with an example?

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Write a query to find second highest salary of an employee.

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How many languages .NET is supporting now?

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what is meant by string pooling?

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What is an MDT (Modified Data Tag) - it's meaning and use?

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what is difference between redirect and forward method?

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What is the difference between an EXE and a DLL?

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What is meant by TROUBLESHOOTING?

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What is the difference between a stub and a skeleton?

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What is security domain in Business Objects?

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Polaris Interview Questions

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