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how to decide cement quantity in 1 m3 concrete

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how to decide cement quantity in 1 m3 concrete..

Answer / mehar

For example take m15 grade of concrete.. It's ratio 1:2:4
1+2+4 =7
So cement having 1 m3 wet volume.
But dry vol= wet volume x1. 54 m3(45-55 % of dry volume)
Wt of cement =(1x1.54x1440) /7 = 312kg
Convert to bags = 312/50 = 6.25 bags
So for 1m3 of concrete work of m15 grade comcrete nearly 6.5 bags of cement if required..

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how to decide cement quantity in 1 m3 concrete..

Answer / subash chandran t

let us consider the concrete to be M25
Mix ratio- 1:1:2
total volume= 1 m3
volume of cement = (1/(1+1+2))x volume of cube = (1/4)x1
volume of cement = 0.25 m3
density of cement=1440 kg/m3
quantity of cement= 0.25x1440 =360kg

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how to decide cement quantity in 1 m3 concrete..

Answer /

Mass of one bag = 50kg

Density of cement = 1400 kg/m3 [1]

Volume of one bag of cement = 50 / 1400 = 0.035714 m3

No. of bags in 1m3 = 1 / 0.035714 = 28 bags

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