what is mean by tie beam?where it is used?

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what is mean by tie beam?where it is used?..

Answer / suku

Tie beam is a beam connecting two or more columns for making
it more stiffens to make the structure as a frame for
stability, & thereby reducing the effect of long column
effect. And it is not used to carry vertical load of slab or
walls but it takes axial compression load so in time it acts
a horizontal column

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what is mean by tie beam?where it is used?..

Answer / mohammad

tie beam is a lateral support which transform the action of a cantilivear to a beam behavior and it reduced deflection

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what is mean by tie beam?where it is used?..

Answer / krishna

Tie beam is a beam which is placed in between any number of footings in a given plan and the load will bare equally on beam and column.

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