How do you maintain the earthing resistance?

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How do you maintain the earthing resistance?..

Answer / narendra katakkar

First of all, a desired maintenance schedule is chalked out depending upon the diversity and intricacy of the installation. A typical maintenance schedule can be as follows.
1 Fix up a day (Maybe once a three months) and preferably when the installation is idle.
2 On that desired day the main power can be switched off, then disconnect all the neutral and body earth terminal connections.
3 Using Earth test instrument resistance of each earth station should be tabulated.
4 The earth stations to be properly watered or one can use drip irrigation system for continuous moisture retainment. If necessary add salt and charcoal or compound depending upon soil conditions. Excess of these materials to be avoided as this would lead to corrosion of earth electrode.
5 Check all the intermediate connections and remove rusted/corroded components.
6 Once again check the resistance values all the values should be below 2 ohms.
7 Connect back all the earth strips, on the power.
8 Fill up log book with noted resistance values.

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How do you maintain the earthing resistance?..

Answer / venugopal

Earth resistance is maintained 2 ohms.and now a days using chemicals also for earthing

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How do you maintain the earthing resistance?..

Answer / pratik mistry

get earthing soil wet properly...and maintain it...checkout the needles and road

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