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Techno Electric and Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference between online ups and offline ups?

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how to calculate the steel for rcc slab? plz tell me the formula for calculating the steel?

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how much quantity of cement and sand required for construction of 10 cum brick work( Brick size 3"*4"*9"(Standard size ) an d for 10 cum construction of SSM (Size stone masonary) with Cm 1:6 for both.

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How to calculate cable sizes in with using motor KW? Any formula there?

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How to select a cable size for particular load?


How to Select a Transformer Rating ?

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What is purpose of APFC panel?

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What are the application of Under voltage release?

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What are applications of Shunt release?

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Hi , Please send me the interview questions which were asked in manual testing mainly the test cases asked to write in interview.


Hello to all....I am an Instrumentation Graduate and i am passed out in this year only.. I am unable to find the job in my core instrumentation.. so any boby tell me how to and where to search the job....please...and also tell me i there are any courses offered in the instrumentation stream so i can do it... you can send your suggestions to my mail-id i.e ... please..


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Techno Electric and Engineering Interview Questions
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