What is the C check & D check in the diesel generator

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What is the C check & D check in the diesel generator..

Answer / b.shanmuk

C-Check (Every 800-1500 Hrs.)
1. Change oil.
2. Change oil filter,fuel filter,bypass filter.
3. Change Air Filter.
4. Change water Separator
5. Radiator cleaning with chamical
6. Check All Electrical terminal & thimbles
7. Check polution level

D-check (Every 3000- 5000 Hrs.)

1. Complete DG set should be dismental.
2. Turbo charger service
3. Injector Pin service
4. Cylinder Head service
5. PT Pump sevice &
6. Repeat same B-Check process.

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What is the C check & D check in the diesel generator..

Answer / seshireddy

Y we need to do in dg b and c and d check...??

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