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how is calculate the developement length of column such like as L

how is calculate the developement length of column such like as L..

Answer / piyush singh

You want to ask the calculation of the Development length, Or we can say Ld (anchorage lenght)

Ans:- Generally anchorage length is given by the structural consultant in the general notes, but if not given you can calculate the same using the IS 456 

Data you will need for the calculation are

1) Grade/Tensile strength of the steel 
   ( FE415 , Fe 500, mild steel)
2) Diameter of the bar for which you want to calclate the anchorage length

3) Bond strength of the concrete, Tbd that again you will get from the IS456 based on the grade of concrete used,

Formula for the same is 

Ld = (D*fs)/(4Tbd)

d= diameter of the bar
Fs= Tensile strength of the bar
Tbd= Permissible bond strenght of the concrete

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