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What is difference between Performance Management and
Performance Appraisal?

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Why the companies announce different position like (MTO and Officer)for the persons having same Both are of Master's Degree???

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What is KRA and KPI?

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what factors should be kept in mind in selecting HCN?

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Hi, We are introducing incentive policy for our union employees So, I am preparing terms & conditions for this policy. Can any body have your company policy pls send me through mail @

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hi, I have received the call letter cum attestation form for the interview,and I have doubts regarding one qualification certificates i am B. Tech in IT so in the qualification should i write graduation or others?plz help me out.

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Difference Between Training and Learning?

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Hr excutive related Question for job

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What are the steps in processing a suspension or termination of an employee?

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where u see yourself after 10 years

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what is pre retrenchment plans and its effects on employee performance?

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Give an example of an instance when you had to coach someone.

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what is the difference between cold calling and head hunting.

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