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Aditya Birla Interview Questions
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Which virus causes dengue fever?

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How to create a dynamic column name in Cognos?

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can any one tell me what is US,Uk and Australian timing in India for call center or bpo? i think if we want to work in us shift the time is after 8 pm to 5 am. am i right? if wrong then plz tell me the right timing for us,uk and Australian shift in india for bpo

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why do you want to join bpo

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how handle when client send multiple request at atime for single servlet

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how to answer freshers "tell me about your self?"

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What is the purpose of 'CPYTOIMPF' command?

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what is the function of anti-pumping in circuit breaker?

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If a fan get trip and run in reverse direction due to system flow. Now in this condition during starting how can a VFD bring this negative speed to zero and later run in forward direction?

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What is Inter Company Reconciliation?

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2+3=8, 3+7=27, 4+5=32, 5+8=60, 6+7=60, 7+8=? Reply t answer...

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if u have to run a 300kw moter then what is ur choice HT or LT switchgear & explain why?

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What is the procedure to calculate the compaction of sand?

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What do you consider your most important achievements of the past year

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why we remove capacitor connection in 3 ph Induction Motor while taking noload test.

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