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UPSC Interview Questions
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Marx was belongs to which country

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Who are the authors of the Indian Constitution as per its Preamble

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General Knowledge & Current Affairs Questions and Answers - Set 1

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what is syllabus of appsc group1?

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What is used to disintegrate bladder stones ? (a) infrared rays (b) ultraviolet rays (c) X-rays (d) Ultrasonics

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The ?Grand Trunk Road? connects (a) Kolkata and Mumbai (b) Delhi and Chennai (c) Kolkata and Amritsar (d) Tirupati and Ludhiana

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A group of boys decided to buy a few cassettes whose price was between Rs. 200 and Rs. 250. But at the time of purchase, two of the boys declined to contribute as a result of which the remaining boys had to pay Re. 1 more than they had originally planned. What was the price of the cassettes if the boys contributed equally and in whole number of rupees? (a) Rs. 220 (b) Rs. 210 (c) Rs. 230 (d) Rs. 240

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The maximum strength of Lok Sabha has been fixed at (1) 530 (2) 545 (3) 525 (4) 520

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Who founded the Brahmo Samaj? (a) Debendranath Tagore (b) Keshab Chandra Sen (c) Raja Ram Mohan Roy (d) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

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During the Mughal period which one of the following traders were the first to come to India? (a) Portuguese (b) Dutch (c) Danish (d) English

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?Radcliff line? is a boundary line between (a) India and Bangladesh (b) India and Bhutan (c) India and China (d) India and Pakistan

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The State which has the largest number of seats reserved for the Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha is (a) Bihar (b) Gujarat (c) Uttar Pradesh (d) Madhya Pradesh

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The sculpture with the three faces of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh known as ?Trimurti? appears in ______ caves (a) Kalva (b) Ellora (c) Elephanta (d) Ajanta

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When was decimal coinage introduced in India ? (a) 1947 (b) 1950 (c) 1957 (d) 1960

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Where was the first Municipal Corporation in India set up? (a) Bombay (b) Calcutta (c) Delhi (d) Madras

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UPSC Interview Questions

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