an amazing situation was faced when an alive distribution panel with 415 volts and carrying almost 200Amps has become short and this metal cubical showing 220 volts against neutral and earth. to redress any confusion i checked the panel with help of single 200watts test lamp which also glowing with max.intensity b/w neutral & metal body of DB. amazing situation is that i hold the DB firmly more than once with necked foot means without insulated shoes but not received any electrical shock. whereas our all running gen sets neutral points also proper grounded and this short DB was completely earthed , this is beyond my understanding . any body explain how is it possible . our running gen set neutral also grounded firmly

an amazing situation was faced when an alive distribution panel with 415 volts and carrying almost..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Measure voltage between neutral and phases , it appears that neutral is connected to a phase , being isolated

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