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What is the difference between magnetic loading and
electric loading of a machine?

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What is the difference between magnetic loading and electric loading of a machine?..

Answer / iamdon

Magnetic loading

The total flux in the air gap of a machine is called
magnetic loading.It is measured in webers.This loading sets
the limit on working flux without saturation.
Magnetic loading=(number of poles)*(flux per pole)

Electric loading

The total numbers of ampere conductors around the periphery
is called electric loading.It is measured in ampere.This
loading sets the limit on working current without exceeding
the temperature rise.
Electric loading=(number of conductors)*(current per

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What is the difference between magnetic loading and electric loading of a machine?..

Answer / &d

Ampere conductor per meter of armature or stator peripheries at the air gap is known as specific electric loading

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