How do you know when the battery is fully charged?

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How do you know when the battery is fully charged?..

Answer / engr. shomaz ul haq

Place a low value resistance and a fully discharged capacitor in series with each other to the battery. The capacitor will charge rapidly. Repeat this procedure again. The lowest time charging time will indicate that the battery is fully charged.

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How do you know when the battery is fully charged?..

Answer / nibel

if the specific gravity of the cell is 1.265, we can say that the battery is fully charged

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How do you know when the battery is fully charged?..

Answer / gbs

when the battery is in charging condition it draws power from the charger and when its gets charge completely its may take 0 or nearly 0 amp of current. So if u have installed ct then u can know from current.

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How do you know when the battery is fully charged?..

Answer / sandeep sharma

by checking ...when i check by hydro meter specific gravity of the cell is above 1.250, and by multi-meter per 2 volt cell show 2.1 v we can say that the battery is fully charged.
and By some controler device Beep sound and indication

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How do you know when the battery is fully charged?..

Answer / guest

With sound

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How do you know when the battery is fully charged?..

Answer / tarequl islam mukul

While most chargers have a light that turns from red to green when the battery is charged, some very inexpensive ones don't. The light simply comes on when a battery is in the charger telling you that the battery has connection. These are slow chargers that take about 12 hours to fully charge a drained battery but the charge is slow enough that the battery can be left in the charger indefinitely without harm. If you have the charger instruction sheet it should tell you.

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