Dear all i want to know FEWA Electrical Supervisor Licence
test Previous Year Questions ? If any body know please send to

Dear all i want to know FEWA Electrical Supervisor Licence test Previous Year Questions ? If any b..

Answer / abdul wahab

if you third attemp pattern send me also please

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What is the difference between MCCB and MCB ?

4 Answers   Siemens,

how can we know cable size for a given current? if any one have catalogue plz mail to

5 Answers  

hi frnds can any one help me ? plz send me placement paper of hpcl of Electrical streem .... plz send ....its urgent . The hpcl test is on 17th feb.

1 Answers  

how to calculate unit consumption on 3phase 380-415 v0lt kilowatt motor eg ( 55kw,380v,3phase 50-60hz)

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Why the symbol of register is "zig zag"

0 Answers   Suzlon,

If the line voltage is reduced to 75% of its rated value then by what percentage current will reduce ?? 75% 25% 50% no change and why ?

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What is the de rating factor of cable? What is the importance of the de rating factor in cable select

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Draw an S.L.D of the main panel for a hospital, showing meter position. Essential loads are: 1) Equipment load 100 KW 2) Critical load 500 KW 3) Life AID Safety load 400 KW 4) NON-Essential load 200 KW 5) Other service loads 200 KW Calculate and suggest the size of the transformer, size of main cable, capacitor bank, and calculate the capacity of an emergency load having above first three mentioned loads is supplied by an emergency generator.

0 Answers   FEWA, HMK,

Can you any explain about active,reactive and apparent power in power system with example.

1 Answers  

Hi, This is Laila. I am selected for syndicate bank interview. Could you please share your views and the questions asked if you have faced the interview My email id is Please send as fast as u can.Thank You Thanks... Laila.

0 Answers   RRB,

What is harmonics in AC waves. How it is generated? How it will effect the system network? how can eliminate it?

2 Answers  

what is DAR test?

2 Answers   Al-Naboodah, ISRO, ONGC,

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