why we provide plastic sheet under lean concrete/pcc.?

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why we provide plastic sheet under lean concrete/pcc.?..

Answer / muthukumar

Firstly your question is not specfic any how we have
certain minimum standards to follow as per standard.

1.Usually incase of Concrete screed (Floors) laid above the
plastic sheet beacuse to prevent the concrete in direct
contact with soil which may have some active chemical will
directly react with concrete and alter its property.

2.Specially at foundation where the capillary rise of water
is there plastic sheet or layer sand is used to reduce the
capillary rise of water into the structure

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why we provide plastic sheet under lean concrete/pcc.?..

Answer / neel

to make shuttering water tight. whilw concreeting cement
slurry wastege is more through shuttering to prevent that
polythene sheet is used.

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