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how to find out this one mcb r mccb?

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how to find out this one mcb r mccb?..

Answer / venkat_07ngcv

mcb's small size are rating 6,10,....63,upto 100amps these
are small size sp dp tp fp poles.
mccb's meadium @large size ratigs are
100.125............4000amps these are 3p @4p

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how to find out this one mcb r mccb?..

Answer / thran

must u see breaker, braking capacity 10KA breakers are mcb 35KA breakers are mccb... u find that way

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how to find out this one mcb r mccb?..

Answer / srinivasu

By watching name on the device

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how to find out this one mcb r mccb?..

Answer / kj

Answer 2 above is correct.

MCB - Minature circuit breaker

MCCB - Moulded case circuit breaker.

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