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What is the difference between uplc and hplc

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What is the difference between uplc and hplc..

Answer / satheesh kumar

HPLC,UPLC both are belongs to liquid chromartography.

HPLC-Longer Run time,Pressure withstands-5000psi,low id not

UPLC-Less Run time,Pressure withstands more than
5000psi,low id possible

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What is the difference between uplc and hplc..

Answer / rakesh varma

UPLC is advance varsion of HPLC.
UPLC( ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE CHROMATOGRAPHY) is actually initiation of a new era in drug analysis with high pressure, sepration,resulution & most important speed.
uplc is patent by WATERS,whereas SHIMANDZU also on tha way by lunchimg NEXERA.
Overall UPLC is a fast version of HPLC.

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What is the difference between uplc and hplc..

Answer / k.lavanya

HPLC is high performance liquid chromatography, whereas UPLC is ultra high performance liquid chromatography

In essence, UPLC is just a special variant of HPLC

The pump pressure, which is 40Mpa (400 atmospheres) in HPLC, can go up to 100MPa in UPLC. UPLC also allows for much smaller particle size, normally less than 2um whereas it is normally 5um in HPLC.

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What is the difference between uplc and hplc..

Answer / khushali senghani

in UPLC productivity is increased and results are obtained mor faster with more resolution whereas in HPLC high pressure is required for solvent flow.

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