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Nirma Interview Questions
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Do you know what Trace metal clean technique is?describe that technique?

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Write a program that reads N phrases and determines if one phrase is a permutation of the other. For example: Phrase 1 is: “One World One Dream” Phrase 2 is: “World One One Dream”. Then the output should say that phrase 1 is permutation of phrase 2. Note that spaces/tabs are not counted as characters. Sample Input: 3 One World One Dream World One One Dream No World No Dream Sample Output: Phrase 1 is permutation of Phrase 2


How much no load current of synchronous motor


why do you want to join MBA COURSE


How to Calibrate variable Head flowmeter (Orifice), here we dont know High pressure and low pressure then how to apply pressure on HP and LP side ?

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what is control valve input and out put

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what is hashing

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What is sales against E-1 Format, and wht are other forms of sales in a company ??

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what s the full form of GOOGLE and YAHOO?

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what is ur weakness?

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I'm a first year student of B.E Mechanical Engineering... How should i prepare myself for getting selected in campus interviews from now itself...? What books should i refer....?


IF my Salary 150000 PA wat is my Basic salary ,PF,ESI And Other

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difference between mass and weight

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I have a LT of 10000mmwc range. can i use this LT in 1000mmwc range of tank?? if yes than what happened???

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What is the difference between saturated steam and super heated steam....explain in mechanical terminology...

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