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difference between record & document ?

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difference between record & document ?..

Answer / jitendra yadav

Document : It is a piece of paper in which any information
is given & it is refferal typ of information. Document
should always be signed & controlled.Document can be
amended any time with latest revision Number.

Record : Basically collection of data which has happened in
past. it can't be amend.

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difference between record & document ?..

Answer / mg. madhu babu

Record: It is a proof/evidence to the activity done.
Records can't be changed.
Document: It is nothing but a format/instruction/guideline,
later it will convert into a record. Documents can be

Both should have date and sign.

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difference between record & document ?..

Answer / surya prakash

record:- we make this, after doing a realtime experiment &
includes the accurate measures authenticated""" and based
on whihc many anlaysis can can be carried out

document:- is just a view to the topic,, which we prepare
for a overview of the process........

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difference between record & document ?..

Answer / divya

Document is written policies, process description,
procedures nd blank forms.

Record is an information captured on worksheets, forms nd

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