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The armature of shunt dc motor has 0.8ohm resistance and motor
is to run on 120V circuit.If motor is suddenly thrown on
circuit while armature at standstill then current drawn by
motor will be??Also back emf in normal running is 110V

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The armature of shunt dc motor has 0.8ohm resistance and motor is to run on 120V circuit.If motor ..

Answer / muhammad waqas

V =Eb + IaRa
Ra= 0.8ohm
Put values in eqn
10/0.8= Ia
Ia = 12.5 A

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The armature of shunt dc motor has 0.8ohm resistance and motor is to run on 120V circuit.If motor ..

Answer / shoaib

At stand still back emf Eb=0
V=Eb + Ia Ra
120=0 + Ia(0.8)
Ia = 150amp

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