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What is the effect of pressure on boiling temperature ? Explain with an example .

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What is the effect of pressure on boiling temperature ? Explain with an example ...

Answer / rajendra b

as press increases boiling point increases.

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What is the effect of pressure on boiling temperature ? Explain with an example ...

Answer / biswanath saha (diploma mechan

Boiling Temperature of a liquid is directly proportional to the pressure applied on the liquid.
If pressure increases, boiling temperature also increases and vice verse.
An interesting phenomena : If a bottle of water is carried to the moon, as the cap of bottle is opened the water will start to boil. Because the atm pressure in moon is zero. So the water will start to boil at the temperature it is in. The water will take the latent heat for being vapour from itself. So the temperature of the water in the bottle will be decreased eventually. And the rest water will be transformed into ice.

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