kindly tell me name of a book to calculate bbs?

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kindly tell me name of a book to calculate bbs?..

Answer / santosh


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kindly tell me name of a book to calculate bbs?..

Answer / sumit
download from this link may be helpful for u

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what is th consuption of cement , sand in plastering for 15mm thick cm1:4,1:3

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castigliano's theorems are based on

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Tell me about Construction, Contraction and Expansion joints...

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if the diameter of capillary tube is double then the capillary rise will be

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225 mm thick RCC slab, how many ton load slab can carry? for example if 33 ton truck loaded with soil, truck having 6 wheels. slab can take load or not? grade of concrete is M35 and slab design Fe500, slab desing one way slab.

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Suppose a column is of 1mx1m dimension adn load is of barely 1 ton(no moment), will u provide the total minimum steel reinforcement, if not what will u do..?

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6. What would your co-workers say about you?

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What is creep ,deflection and shrinkage in concrete

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Brick size ? & 1 square feet brick work for use brick

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