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What is engine?

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What is engine?..

Answer / ashis kumar

An engine is a machine designed to convert energy into
useful mechanical motion.Heat engines, including internal
combustion engines and external combustion engines.

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What is engine?..

Answer / prasanta panda

it is adevice which converts one form of energy into another
form of energy

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What is engine?..

Answer / balakrishnan p

The machine which is converting the thermal energy into
mechanical energy is called as engine.

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What is engine?..

Answer / c.jeevan kumar

its designed to convert power into motion.

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What is engine?..

Answer / bijender singh

An Engine heat energy to convert mechanical energy

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What is engine?..

Answer / palani murugan

Engine is a machine which converts one form of energy into mechanical energy. Fuel is burnt in engine during compression and its further used to do work

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What is engine?..

Answer / guest

It a machine where generat acceleration or gives power

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What is engine?..

Answer / thirumurugan.s

ENGINE IS A DEVICE BURN OF FUEL TO GIVEN ENERGY FROM (rotary or reciprocating) MOTION.There is undisputed scientific consensus that perpetual motion in a closed system would violate either the first law of thermodynamics, the second law of thermodynamic.

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