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what is the tolerance

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what is the tolerance..

Answer / sumedh gamare

tolerance is the allowable deviation of the dimention.

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what is the tolerance..

Answer / krunal ray

is defferance between uper limit and lower limit of two
mating parts

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what is the tolerance..

Answer / rahul

tolerance is deviation of any dimension from its real value

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what is the tolerance..

Answer / vinay

it is difference b/w upper limit and lower case of
clearence fit consists of '+ve'allowance. BUt interference
fit consists of '-ve' allowance .

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what is the tolerance..

Answer / ravi

distance between upper limit to lower limit is called

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what is the tolerance..

Answer / shreyas

Tolerance is the limits(upper and lower) within which the
product manufactured has to be present.

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what is the tolerance..

Answer / pratik patel

In machining of any part/component it is impossible to
attain the absolute dimension/value (eg. Outer Dia.=100
mm). such precision is impossible. So tolerance is given
which is nothing but the allowable limits (+/-) in
dimensions(eg. Outer Dia.=100 ^+0.01/-0.005) which is
acceptable and with such tolerance the the part/coponent
will perform the desired function for which it was made.

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what is the tolerance..

Answer / nomac

tolerance you can making or extend for any ubnormal value..

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what is the tolerance..

Answer / mitesh mevada

tolrance is use for relive to set two part with each other.

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