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As per thumb rule cement required per 1 cum of M20 concrete
is 411Kg/cum(1.57/5.5=0.285cum of cement i.e
0.285*1440=411Kg).But as per PWD rate analysis cement
required is 347Kg/cum.the difference is 64Kg.This kind of
difference is coming every grade of concrete.Can you give
perfect suggestion regarding this.

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As per thumb rule cement required per 1 cum of M20 concrete is 411Kg/cum(1.57/5.5=0.285cum of ceme..

Answer / karan sardana

this is because you are using design mix instaed of nominal.. the qty of cement in 1 cum of concrete is 411kg, but in design mix the cement consumption is considerably reduced, thats why you are getting this difference always.....

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As per thumb rule cement required per 1 cum of M20 concrete is 411Kg/cum(1.57/5.5=0.285cum of ceme..

Answer / pranav panchal

This difference comes due to the mix design of the concrete

At every place the mix design depends upon the material & material source so if PWD is considering the cement consumption that means their mix design shows this cement consumption

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