what is the purpose of using semiconductors in HT cables

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what is the purpose of using semiconductors in HT cables..

Answer / bhavuk sharma

The semi conducting material is used in HV cables to reduce the stress caused on insulation due to high electric field.
This can be achieved by gradually reducing the electric stress. Now to gradually reduce this stress a layer of semi conducting material (since it is neither a complete insulator or a complete conductor) is used just before the main insulating compound of cable. This will reduce the electrical stress on this main insulating compound.

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what is the purpose of using semiconductors in HT cables..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

The semiconductor layers are not doped and are intrinsic
.They influence(confine) electric field within the
insulation layers.

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what is the purpose of using semiconductors in HT cables..

Answer / anil

The use of semiconductor layer in cable is
1. avoid air filled bubles and compete round structure for
2. It influence the magnetic field inside the cable.

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