What is the diffrence between PL Lamps and CFL Lamps

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What is the diffrence between PL Lamps and CFL Lamps..

Answer / vinod kumar

CFL bulbs have an electronic circuit in the base of the bulb. This electronic circuit is called an electronic ballast. There is an electronic oscillator and a minature transformer that produces high voltage enough to ionize the gas in the tube, initially.

PL tubes are simply connected to the pins at the base. External ballasts must be used to supply the high voltage necessary to start the lamps.

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What is the diffrence between PL Lamps and CFL Lamps..

Answer / binoy barai

PL- Plug in light. CFL- Compact fluorescent lamp. PL is also a fluorescent lamp, but it is not compact. It is only a fluorescent lamp just like tube light. But its holder is different between tube light. If i want switch on the light then it will need ballast. But ballast is not necessary for any CFL. PL holder becomes only plug in or puss type. But CFL holder becomes variety. PL is back dated then CFL.

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What is the diffrence between PL Lamps and CFL Lamps..

Answer / dhiren

PL Lamp:A nickname for a twin tube fluorescent lamp coined
by Philips Lighting, a large manufacturer of lamps. Compact
Fluorescent Lamp (CFL): a generic name used for a whole
family of small, single-ended fluorescent lamps with a
folded, bridged, or spiral glass tube design and with high
color rendering (CRI>80) and a long life (>8,000 hours).

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What is the diffrence between PL Lamps and CFL Lamps..

Answer / ram dargad

PL (stands for Philips Lighting) lamps are older version of CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps)lamps which use external ballast. Current versions use built in ballast, thereby making it easier to install, maintain & replace.

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What is the diffrence between PL Lamps and CFL Lamps..

Answer / sanjay m sandanshiv.



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