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In case of Transmitter's(e.g.Ultrasonic Flow meter ) we
have an normal practise of selction of upstream and
downstream distance such as (20D and 5D ).can anyone please
let me know whow to calculate "D" ?? i guess it refers to
pipe thickness is t right ?

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In case of Transmitter's(e.g.Ultrasonic Flow meter ) we have an normal practise of selction o..

Answer / vikram budhiraja

No, It is the pipe "diameter" , not the pipe thickness.

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In case of Transmitter's(e.g.Ultrasonic Flow meter ) we have an normal practise of selction o..

Answer / saqib mushtaq

D is refer to "Pipe Diameter".
If you pipe diameter is 6 Inches.
This is mean that the pipe where Ultrasonic Flow Tx is installed must straight run 120 Inches on Upstream and 30 Inches on Downstream.

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