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Pressure transmitter working Principles?

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What is the procedure of DP switch calibration 

2 Answers   NOCL,

what the differant between Wet Leg /Dry Leg

2 Answers   Sepam Group,

In RTU Panel we are having several Analogue & Digital Inputs /Outputs. We are recently facing some problems over Analog inputs , which are not updating properly (But Digital Input are updating normally) Can any one tell me from where the problem is creating , we have checked PLC CPU card, Analog Input card & we reconfigured ,But still the issue is there. Issue : 1. Sometimes Analog values are updating & sometimes not. 2. Analog values are not updating normally , showing some wrong Values 3. Total dead (0 value) Analog values are Level & flow measurement from the field instruments. (But in field the instruments are working normally & Displaying the values normally in local display unit) This problem we are facing in our Water Plant. If any one experienced this same problem or having any ideas related to our issue PLS send your valuable Answers/Replies...

6 Answers   L&T,

What care will you take in the installation of control valves,SCADA,DCS and FOC in Oil and Gas Project?

0 Answers   KNPC,

how we calculate the range of flow from a dp?i mean if we have a dp,3810mm much flow ranges we can use for this DP?

1 Answers  

Could anybody tell how much amps will a single input to plc will consume?

1 Answers  

where using the 0-20ma in feiled instrumentation? why its using?

4 Answers  

Dear sir i m presently working in power plant nd my question is if any pump give flow 18tph then how would i know that how much range flow tx installed their flow line for flow measurement plz give me ans

1 Answers   HPSL, Infotech,

Which standard of hazardous area classification used in India?

1 Answers   Orchid,

Explain how thw analog to digital converter works with the circuit diagram

0 Answers  

Which are all the commonly used Bordon tubes in the pressure gauges. Do any one use ASTM A 312 tubes for this purpose?

0 Answers  

what is thermopile?

1 Answers   HNG,

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