Differene between KVA and KW.

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Differene between KVA and KW...

Answer / markose

KVA means apparent power and KW is the active power

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Differene between KVA and KW...

Answer / balendu nath pandey

KVA is the active power which is to be use. but KW is the
total power (both useful& useless)

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Differene between KVA and KW...

Answer / likeu

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Routine test: 1 s, Itrip.≥5 mA (to max. 30 mA by hihg
leakages). 13.2. U testing is 1.06 ... Type test:
-10 A a.c or d.c.. -resistance between conductive part .....
else with difference current measurement anex G. Appl. type ...

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Differene between KVA and KW...

Answer / 3nath

kva means reactive power
kw means active power

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Differene between KVA and KW...

Answer / mohan.m

KVA means Kilo volt amperes
KW means Kilo watt

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Differene between KVA and KW...

Answer / subash m k 9846537606

KVA(KiloVoltAmpere) is the unit of voltage rating and
KW(KiloWatt)is the unit of power rating of a transformer.

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