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Vatika Interview Questions
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There are 8 balls that look identical. One of them weighs less than the others. Given a weighing scale, how will you find this ball.

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What is Dry type transformer.How it works

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how to select overload-relay for perticular motor 1.for D.O.L. starter 2. for Star-delta starter ????


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in which website , i can able to get the electrical basics.?????????????


GUYS any one please can u post questions in sap a bap webdynpro questions.. please i need to know some technical questions regarding webdynpro and ADOBE forms ?


What is different between EPABX and PBX


While testing a ZCT what parameters have to check or measure?


i want question papers audit staff selection examination


While spliting an action in QTP 10.0 getting an error : "This Line is a part of Script Block.You cannot split the action on this line." how to re-solve this and split the script into actions?


dear sir/madam, I had applied for the post of officer trainee so plz if u have any papers both technical or aptitude plz inform me on


What is effect of over voltage and under voltage on ACB


what is profit and loss(dr) in cash flow statement?


can you plz send l&t aptitude questions if available its urgent plz plz plz


DMSO or Ethanol which is relatively less toxic to cells?


pls any one send me the last 5 years rrb QP -


Name five recruitment incentives that can improve our company's competitive recruiting position.


What is the purpose of the following code? Is there any problem with the code? void send(int count, short *to, short *from) { /* count > 0 assumed */ register n = (count + 7) / 8; switch (count % 8) { case 0: do { *to = *from++; case 7: *to = *from++; case 6: *to = *from++; case 5: *to = *from++; case 4: *to = *from++; case 3: *to = *from++; case 2: *to = *from++; case 1: *to = *from++; } while (--n > 0); } }


how many maximum enter 2mm Dia solid cylindrical pipe into 8mm Dia hollow cylindrical pipe. give answer with calculation.


Vatika Interview Questions
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