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what are the disadvantages of leading P.F(power factor)?

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what are the disadvantages of leading P.F(power factor)? ..

Answer / natha

pf leading or lagging both are undesired.practice generally is to maintain near unity pf which means full utilization of power generated.
If a purely resistive load is connected to a power supply, current and voltage will change polarity in step, the power factor will be unity (1), and the electrical energy flows in a single direction across the network in each cycle. Inductive loads such as transformers and motors (any type of wound coil) consume reactive power with current waveform lagging the voltage. Capacitive loads such as capacitor banks or buried cable generate reactive power with current phase leading the voltage. Both types of loads will absorb energy during part of the AC cycle, which is stored in the device's magnetic or electric field, only to return this energy back to the source during the rest of the cycle.

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what are the disadvantages of leading P.F(power factor)? ..

Answer / devendra verma

No disadvantage

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