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what is difference between start imitation and start
interlock for 3 phase motor protection ?

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what is difference between start imitation and start interlock for 3 phase motor protection ?..

Answer / maheshreddy

Start Limitation: It is the limitation from the Motor
Design side. There is a limitraion for motor from No.of
Consecutive hot Stat and Consecutive Cold Stat according to
motor themal withstandabulity.

Start Inerlock: It is permissiveness given to start the
motor from its protection or proceess interlocks.Example
motor cooling blowers should be on before motor starts.

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what is difference between start imitation and start interlock for 3 phase motor protection ?..

Answer / shivani

Start limitation means no. of start this is bercause if
consecutively u start the motor the motor got heated&
thermal conductivity will dec. .not goo for its health.
Start interlock means
frequency,voltage& powerrequirement we can control by
different relay so. after fullfilling those constraints
only it should start for giving poptimal performance.

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