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Answer / oucthyd

flow rate

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I am currently doing my btech in computer science in Coimbatore.I had intererest to do btech in chemical enginerring but couldnt get a seat. Now what are my options ,scope and future if i take mtech in chemical enginerring? And can i apply for any deemed colleges for mtech chemical enginerring through gate taking my present state into consideration(btech in cse and mtech in chemical enginerring)

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Cooling water line sizing ?

0 Answers   Deepak Fertilisers,

CHEMICAL ENERGY BALANCE - EXAMPLE 11.4 : Calculate the bubble temperature T at P = 85-kPa for a binary liquid with x(1) = 0.4. The liquid solution is ideal. The saturation pressures are Psat(1) = exp [ 14.3 - 2945 / (T + 224) ], Psat(2) = exp [ 14.2 - 2943 / (T + 209) ] where T is in degree Celsius. Please take note that x(1) + x(2) = 1. Please take note that y(1) + y(2) = 1, y(1) = [ x(1) * Psat(1) ] / P, y(2) = [ x(2) * Psat(2) ] / P, * is multiplication. P is in kPa.

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which reformer efficiencywise best?

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how can I find out a sulfuric acid recovery plant disigner?

0 Answers   ONGC,

Chemical Engineering Energy Balance - Please match the term A - E as follow with the stated definition : A. Yield. B. Selectivity. C. Relative saturation. D. Molal saturation. E. Absolute saturation. i. Answer : ? (moles of desired product formed) / (moles that would have been formed if there were no side reactions and the limiting reactant has reacted completely). ii. Answer : ? (moles of desired product formed) / (moles of undesired product formed). iii. Answer : ? (relative humidity 40 % means partial pressure of water vapour equals 4 / 10 of the vapour pressure of water at the system temperature). iv. Answer : ? (moles of vapour) / (moles of vapour dry gas). v. Answer : ? (mass of vapour) / (mass of dry gas).

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MASS TRANSFER - EXAMPLE 4.3 : According to Adolf Eugen Fick (1829 - 1901) : rate of diffusion v increases with less wall thickness t, increased area A and decreased molecular weight of a fluid M. The diffusion constant D decreased with increasing M. (a) By assuming v, t, dP, A, M and D changes proportionally of each other, find the equation of v as a function of t, dP, A and D. (b) The ratio of self diffusion constant D, at T = 273 K and P = 0.1 MPa, for gases B and C are 1.604 : 0.155. If only 2 gases exist in such a system : hydrogen and nitrogen, find the type of gas for B and C with reference to their molecular weights M. (c) By using the equation of kinetic energy 0.5 MV = constant where V = square of v, find the ratio of V for B and V for C, or V(B) / V(C), as a function of M(B) and M(C), where M(B) is molecular weight of B and M(C) the molecular weight of C : Graham's Law of Diffusion.

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Mention some of the specialized grinding and crushing methods.

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sir i am appearing in railway exam of section engineer and my branch is chemical engineering i want previous question paper of section engineer of chemical branch please tell me as soon as possible my email id is THANKYOU

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How to TDS removed found in lab apparatus.

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What parameters should be considered while selecting type of filter?

4 Answers   Nocil,

How can separation of chiral chemicals affect the chemical and/or pharmaceutical industries?

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