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Is there a rule of thumb to estimate the footprint of a cooling tower during design phase?

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what is water at its saturation temperature ??????????

2 Answers   Essar,

BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING INSTRUMENTATION - EXAMPLE 29.6 : In infrared spectrum, one of the factors affecting peak location is the mass of the atoms. The stretching frequency of a bond connected to a lighter atom will be greater than the same bond connected to a heavier atom. (a) For halogens like florine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I) and astatine (At), what is their IUPAC group number? Hint : The proton numbers for F, Cl, Br, I and At are 9, 17, 35, 53 and 85 respectively. (b) For the compounds of H-F, H-Cl, H-Br, H-I and H-At, which one has the lowest stretching frequency and which one has the highest stretching frequency? State the reasons.

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why Torispherical heads are used in pressure vessels?

1 Answers   India Cements,

ENGINEERING MECHANIC - EXAMPLE 15.2 : A cantilever beam of length L = 3 m carries a uniformly distributed load (UDL) of W = 20 N / m throughout the length. Calculate the bending moment, BM of the beam near the fixed end. What is the shear force, SF at this point? Let SF = -WL, BM = -LWL/2.

1 Answers  

Whal will be the HRC fuse rating of a 3phase 415V,50Hz,0.85pf,95%efficiency,30KW,1450rpm induction motor,starting with a DOL starter.and describe the Fuse rating calculation.

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Which type of drier is used for drying wet material?

3 Answers  

why do tangential entry require for a cyclone separator?

1 Answers  

The power required for size reduction in crushing is???

2 Answers  

if the length of a pipe doubled what will be the effect on Pressure in line?

7 Answers   ISRO,

CHEMICAL ENERGY BALANCE - EXAMPLE 11.5 : According to Margules Equation, P = x(1) p(1) g(1) + x(2) p(2) g(2) for a two-component mixture where P is bubble pressure, x is mole fraction, p is saturation pressure, g is constant given by ln g(1) = x(2) A x(2). Find the value of A as a constant when P = 1.08 bar, p(1) = 0.82 bar, p(2) = 1.93 bar in a 50 : 50 mole fraction mixture. Estimate the pressure required to completely liquefy the 30 : 70 mixture using the same equation, by proving P = 1.39 bar. Take note that ln g(2) = x(1) A x(1), ln g(1) = x(2) A x(2).

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GENETIC ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 27.3 : (a) Male with genotype GGmm and phenotype gray wingless mates with female with genotype ggMM and phenotype black winged in fruit flies. G is dominant to g in color. M is dominant to m in wing shape. If the actual distribution of the second generation of the fruit flies was as follow : 890 gray wingless, 900 black winged, 115 gray winged, 95 black wingless, calculate the recombination frequency between the two genes and distance in recombination units. Let 1 map unit = 1 % recombination. (b) A DNA molecule has 180 base pairs and 20 % adenine. How many cytosine nucleotides are present in this molecule of DNA?

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Explain various protein purification techniques?

2 Answers  

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