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For a 50MVA (138/69/13.8 KV) transformer, what would be the
maximum demand in order not to exceed 80% of its operating

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For a 50MVA (138/69/13.8 KV) transformer, what would be the maximum demand in order not to exceed ..

Answer / m.premkumar

We cannot decide straight away to 80 %,It depends on what
is our Load, i agree we can go upto 80% of transformer
capacity, Say 40 MVA.I had the experiance we did wrong
calculation and we got 1500 KVA as MD but we are using only
200 KVA,so unnecessarily we are paying money to the
Electricity board.

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For a 50MVA (138/69/13.8 KV) transformer, what would be the maximum demand in order not to exceed ..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Max demand is in MVA and hence 40 MVA

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