What's the difference between superphosphate and triple
super phosphate fertilizer?

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What's the difference between superphosphate and triple super phosphate fertilizer?..

Answer / paul christy

Superphosphate, 0-20-0, is made when rock phosphate is
treated with sulfuric acid to make calcium phosphate
(0-20-0) and calcium sulphate (gypsum.) Triple
Superphosphate, 0-46-0, is made by treating rock phosphate
with phosphoric acid. Triple Superphosphate has a much
higher phosphate content, as indicated by the 0-46-0
indicating 46% phosphate content. The benefit of the Triple
is that less needs to be used. However it costs more and
there is some evidence to suggest it ties up available
micronutrients (zinc, manganese, iron)in the soil requiring
the grower to supplement them.

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What's the difference between superphosphate and triple super phosphate fertilizer?..

Answer / soorena safaei

super phosphate simple made by sulforic acid and have many analyses with solvable phosphor but tiple have 46% phosphor total.

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What's the difference between superphosphate and triple super phosphate fertilizer?..

Answer / vishesh velani

The single super phosphate is treated with the sulfuric acid to form the calcium phosphate and the triple super phosphate is treated with the H3PO4 to make the phosphuric acid .

The cost of the TSP is much higher compare to the SSP.
The cost of the SSP is much lower compare to TSP

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What's the difference between superphosphate and triple super phosphate fertilizer?..

Answer / mithlesh kumar

superphosphate is made by the sulpuric acid and the super
phosphate is made of phosphoric acid.Also the single super
phosphate have the high phosphoric content as compare to
the supephosphate

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