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tell how to calibrate a magnetic flow tx, vortex flow tx,dp
flow tx,nozzle flow tx and venturi flow tx?

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tell how to calibrate a magnetic flow tx, vortex flow tx,dp flow tx,nozzle flow tx and venturi flow..

Answer / karthik

You give to us we will use calibration to calibrate the
above meters

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tell how to calibrate a magnetic flow tx, vortex flow tx,dp flow tx,nozzle flow tx and venturi flow..

Answer / kiran kumar

Generally to calibrate any SMART flow transmitters, we need
to give direct ranges and fluid specifications through HART
Communicator. To check whether it is giving correct output,
we need to cross check the output of flow meter pipe should
be kept in a measured tank for a specified time and compare
the same with flow meter reading.

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