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PSU Interview Questions
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what is the use of "fg" command ?

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what are the documents(Construction point of view for a process plant) submitted by contactor initially entering in to new site for client?


how checking is done in fiber optic cable? explain the working of RTU?

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what is skin type thermocouple? how it is installed? what is the difference b/w thermocouple & skin type thermocouple? what is gounded & non-grounded thermocoplle? what is the diff b/w these two?

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Q. Right to information flows from which of the following Articles: (a) Articles 19 & 20 (b) Articles 21 & 22 (c) Articles 19 & 21 (d) Articles 14 & 19

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in sports(eg,cricket) what is the technique for measurement of speed of the ball thrown by the bowler.

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i want to know about psu exam eligibility critaria?

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Please send specifications for 1000KVA dry type transformer or where I can get the specifications?

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what is the difference between marketing and sales?

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what is marketing?

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what is deemed sales? how to calculated


why motor range is available 22kv,30kv,37kv,45kv and so on? why motor range is not available 21kv,24,25,26,27kv and so on?


in india are trains run by DC or AC? if DC , from where it receives negative potential? because pentograph receives singe potential only?

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What is the advantage of AC supply?

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why current is leading in capacitor?

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Un-Answered Questions

What is http pipeline in


What is flask used for in python?


what is Tds %,Service tax %,Cess %,and ESI,PF %,and what is the use of this.


What is an infocube?


Explain how can sedimentary processes concentrate and form resources? 2. Give an example of a resource formed by a sedimentary process


Why do we use data structures?


Describe coalesce() operation. When can you coalesce to a larger number of partitions? Explain.


under the modified cash basis of accounting, most revenues and expenses are recognized on the cash basis. Which one of the following items is an EXCEPTION to this accounting practice? a.Advertising b.Professional Fees. c.Supplies d.Rent


Research serves a single purpose that of providing information to assist marketing manager to make better decisions? Elaborate this statement.


Why HCatalog?


What are wer files?


What is Voltage Dip? why it is required for Generator Sizing?


How much gb do I need for ubuntu?


Name the segments in which Business Process Management task can be derived without affecting the overall functionality of any sub-task associated with the Primary one?


Explain how can a stopped job be started again?