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what is Bucholtz Relay test???? Explain??

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what is Bucholtz Relay test???? Explain??..

Answer / ch subhash kumar

Bucholz relay can be tested in two ways

1. By shorting the terminals which is located in the
teriminal box of bucholz relay

2. This is real test to do this test you have to isolate
bucloz by closing the valve which is connected from main
tank to conservator tank there are two valves one is
entering to bulcoz relay and another is leaving from bulocz
relay these two valves to be closed and then there will be
a drain valve in bulcoz the bulcoz relay from there you
have to drain the oil then the float will come down it will
be activated.

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what is Bucholtz Relay test???? Explain??..

Answer / gaurang gurjar (c.i.t ,hanga)

bucholtz relay is only one protection device that is sence
the fault before occuring the fault.bucholtz relay provide
the transformer protection.bucholz relay place between the
consevator and transformer.

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