why vaccume required in turbine?

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why vaccume required in turbine?..

Answer / ghetiya punit

to increase the utilisation
of heat in turbine, there was
increase in pressure
different, so to increase the
efficiency of turbine,vaccume
is created in exhaust steam
by condensor.

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why vaccume required in turbine?..

Answer / k dineahtej

Boiler steam has to enter with high temperature in to
turbine so that maximum utilization of heat and coverted to

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why vaccume required in turbine?..

Answer / sumit mandlik

to maintain a proper pressure intensity in the turbine by
which we can convert the maximum energy of steam into useful

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why vaccume required in turbine?..

Answer / kishore338

vaccum is required for free expansion of steam so that work
done of turbine is more

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why vaccume required in turbine?..

Answer / vitthalrao

vaccuum is maintained at the end of the turbine i.e. at the entry of the condensor.by doing so, the work output of the turbine increases

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why vaccume required in turbine?..

Answer / durga

the pressure head is negative when vacuum is maintained at outlet of turbine which increases the operation head of turbine.Due to this effectiveness of turbine increase.
By the use of bernouli's equation it will be clear.

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why vaccume required in turbine?..

Answer / randhir singh yadav

Low pressure exhaust steam can't be feed to boiler in steam form , after condensing it can be easily feed to boiler by pumps,

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why vaccume required in turbine?..

Answer / k devanesan

The last stage absolute temp. of steam will be near to
vacuum pressure. To maintain the dryness fraction of steam
in last stage vacuum required in the down stream of steam
flow. so, vacuum need in condenser.(P1V1/T1=P2V2/T2.)in
condenser there is no temp. drop. so P1V1=P2V2. the volume
of condenser is more than last stage area. so, pr. will be
less than last stage pr.

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why vaccume required in turbine?..

Answer / devanesan

By maintaining vacuume in turbine the efficiency of the
turbine will increase by making making maximum heat utilization
also reduce external stress in the rotor by free steam flow to
the condenser.
(for example without vacuum the barring gear speed
will less than the without vacuum speed. due to the
atmosphere pressure some external stress acting on the

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why vaccume required in turbine?..

Answer / sourabh yadav

due to vaccum the tep. decreases as a result of which minimum friction is produced due to which there is less heating effect as a consequent we get good work output from the turbine

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