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typical per KM resistance values of ACSR DOG conductor for
33KV & 11KV OH system?
typical per KM resistance values of XLPE 300Sq mm cable for
33KV system?
typical per KM resistance values of XLPE 185Sq mm cable for
11KV system?

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typical per KM resistance values of ACSR DOG conductor for 33KV & 11KV OH system? typical per..

Answer / satish

A.C Resistance per KM of ACSR DOG conductor is 0.397 ohm at
65degrees centigrade.
For 11 KV 3*185 XLPE cable mm resistance=0.211 ohm/Km
reactance =0.101 ohm/Km
capacitance=0.385 micro farad/km

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typical per KM resistance values of ACSR DOG conductor for 33KV & 11KV OH system? typical per..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Dog -0.28, xlpe Al 300 mm2 0.16,xlpe al 185 mm2 0.21 ohm/KM

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