How many straight through joint is permissible in single
core 33kv XLPE cable for a length of 985 mtr.

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How many straight through joint is permissible in single core 33kv XLPE cable for a length of 985 ..

Answer / sridhar

this is not compulsory to have a joint in the cable length
of 985mtr. we can plan of avoiding joint by procuring the
cable drum in single length. Advantages is you can avoid
the joint & dis advantages is handling such a heavy cable
drum due to weight & special order to be placed on cable
2. by having straight through joint in the cable, we have
to ensure that the joints are done at a proper place to
avoid any damage to the cables & to put the
identification / route marker to be placed if the cables
are going to be laid in u/g.
note:- As per the standard cable manufacturer is concern ,
the max. cable length in a drum will be 250mtrs. for this
we have to fix min 4nos. of straight through joints. By
this we are adding cost to the cables + straight through
by procuring through 1st method we can avoid the above said

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How many straight through joint is permissible in single core 33kv XLPE cable for a length of 985 ..

Answer / ankush mitra


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How many straight through joint is permissible in single core 33kv XLPE cable for a length of 985 ..

Answer / pankaj


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