Application wise, where we should use AC motors and where
we should DC motors?

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Which UPS (inverter) is better and why ? 12 V inverter and 24 V (two 12 V batteries in series) inverter which is better ......... which has the longer backup which has the greater charging time which has the greater discharging time thank you

2 Answers  

A transformer is used to light a 24volts,70watts lamp from a 240a.c main.The current in the main cable is 0.35A. Calculate, (1) The efficiency of the transformer. (2) the current in the lamp.

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How can we calculate the rating of a cable with formula?

2 Answers   TATA,

In Extended Delta transformer, by which method we can measure the extended angle of transformer?

1 Answers   Usha Martin,

why we provided electrical earthing?

5 Answers   CPCL,

Which motor has high Staring current A. Series DC motor, B.Induction motor c.Synchronous motor D.DC Shunt Motor

4 Answers   CCP,

hy i need help with LabView, I need a sample code of LabView to download serial data from the Intellivue Patient Monitor to PC. Thank you in advance.

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How to design the earth grid for lightning protection in an industry

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What is the use of choke in tube light?

5 Answers  

How do we calculate conductor size?

1 Answers   Hero Honda,

Working of microwave oven?

0 Answers   LG,

On wat basis TSM & PSM are set? Example.TSM=30% n PSM=2.5A....Hw they are set and how we come to know that the particular relay should be set to this value only?

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