Application wise, where we should use AC motors and where
we should DC motors?

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lorteny method

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Dear friends , I am going attend interview for WARTSILA INDIA LIMITED , power plant .Could any 1 pls send me few questions. the area i have to concentrate? please send it to pls help me out

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what is the difference between HV and LV Breakers?

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What is the difference between RCD & RCCB, Where it can be used

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What are the test performed on A faulty transformer ?

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what are the standard transmision voltages in india?

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how to reduce the magnetizing current in distribution transformers

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Can i use to 3 phase 4 wire energy meter inplace of 3 phase 3 wire energy meter ?

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What is the de rating factor of cable? What is the importance of the de rating factor in cable select

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what material used made for the resistance,for the purpose of zero temperature coefficient?

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why generator efficiency is more in swinburnes test?

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What can you contribute to the progress of our Company as an employee if you are selected?

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