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Optical Rotation*0.9477*100*200]
Assay Of dextrose= ________________________________
99.8* 200
why Factor=0.9477

Optical Rotation*0.9477*100*200] Assay Of dextrose= ________________________________ ..

Answer / nagendra rane

Specific Optical Rotation [&#945;]t&#955; = 100 x a
l x C

Where Specific Optical Rotation at temperature “t” and “&#955;”
is wavelength

a = Optical Rotation
l = length of Polarimeter tube
c = Concentration
The average Specific Optical Rotation of Dextrose
&#945; = +52.76

Therefore C = 100 x a (Optical rotation)
2 x &#945;

C = 100 x a (Optical rotation)
2 x 52.76

C = a X 0.9477
Concentration of Dextrose(C)= OR(a) x 0.9477

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